The Ann Coulter Song


The Toxic Toothpick herself, immortalized in sweet music. I found this over at the world’s funniest satire blog.

To the tune of You Fill up my Senses, with sincerest apologies to John Denver:

You fill up your columns
With lies and distortions
With trite observations
and lame hackneyed prose.
You’ve nothing of substance
to say on one issue,
You’re shrill and you’re senseless
and wear skanky clothes!

Please do us a favor
and French kiss a fuse box
do a platform-shoed can-can
near an oncoming train.
Now, I’m only kidding
If I wanted to hurt you
I’d make you read SLANDER
’cause it would cause the most pain.

You’re sweet and you’re dainty
like a rabid Chihuahua
You’re moral and upright
Just like Reverend Moon.
You look like a hottie
next to Phyllis Schlafley.
But don’t be too flattered
So does a baboon.

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January 1, 2005 @ 12:22 am | Comment

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