Not again! Can we please stop the moral preaching?

A few months ago several of us Asian bloggers got into a foodfight over Glutter’s objections when another local blogger used the phrase “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” in a post about gays.

This may have been one of the silliest episodes in our community’s history.

Now, Glutter is re-igniting the holier-than-thou issue, announcing today that she has deleted from her blogroll all Asian bloggers who link to two specifc bloggers who show “photos of girls half their age semi-nude.”

I am only guessing that one of these two sinful sites is Conrad’s; I’m not certain of the 2nd site, but I can make a good guess.

All I can say is, get a sense of humor and lighten up. There’s no pornography, no sexploitation, no harm done. I link to Conrad’s site all the time. Your finding me guilty by association (I’m deleted from her blogroll) is preposterous. I do not link to Conrad’s site because of the girlie pictures, as you probably know. It’s because there’s other good stuff there. I know you like to see yourself as a crusading liberal, but this kind of single-issue tunnel vision is anything but; it’s closed-minded and dogmatic.

I’ve enjoyed knowing you and have linked to you often. But please step back and see how this looks. And then get off your high horse and be a little more tolerant.

UPDATE: Don’t miss Conrad’s scholarly response to this issue.

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Good enough for Xinhua…

…good enough for me. This link is on this site via The Longbow Papers and courtesy the state-owned, state-run wire service Xinhua. China has gone from condemning such images to posting them on state-owned websites and hosting beauty pagents. Joseph…

January 19, 2004 @ 9:20 am | Comment

Good Lord!

January 19, 2004 @ 12:22 pm | Comment

here is the news

Microsoft not pleased about mikerowesoft website: A Canadian teenager called Mike Rowe who added the word soft to his name for his website title, has been ordered by Microsoft to hand over the domain. He said no, spent time etc…

January 19, 2004 @ 11:54 pm | Comment


The other site is me.

And all girls or models on our site don’t expose their nipples!

Look who’s talking?

This one!


January 20, 2004 @ 12:17 am | Comment

Ron, that was my guess — you and Conrad are the only deranged voyeurs in our community. ๐Ÿ™‚

January 20, 2004 @ 7:19 am | Comment

Thanks Richard ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not sure but somehow Living in China seems to have dropped us as well.

I mean the aggregator. Not that we care, but if that is true then it shows a lot about how selective and prejudiced they are.


January 20, 2004 @ 10:19 am | Comment

Ron, if true, that really sucks. You should write to them about it – it could just be a technical glitch…?

January 20, 2004 @ 11:17 am | Comment

Looks like it is true Richard.

Even Conrad’s posts are not appearing in the aggregator today.

So it seems that Gweilo Diaries and See Lai are dropped from Living in China.


How powerful must Glutter be to create disharmony where there was perfect harmony [two months ago]? ๐Ÿ˜€


January 20, 2004 @ 2:14 pm | Comment

I can’t believe the LiC people would bend so easily. If true, it’s very disappointing. But I want to give them the benefit of the doubt; let’s see if it’s just a one-day screw-up or an intentional act of censorship.

January 20, 2004 @ 2:24 pm | Comment

Disclaimer: I’m not an official spokesman for LiC

I checked the list of feeds that the aggregator er…aggregates, and both seelai and gweilodiaries have been removed. I don’t know the reason, and I don’t know who did it, but if it was intentional and for the suspected reason, it’s bad.
a) it sets a terrible precedent (slippery slope, etc)
b) it was rude to remove the feeds without notification
c) damages our (their?) credibility with the China blogger community

I hope to see this resolved in a day or two.

January 25, 2004 @ 10:37 pm | Comment

Surprised that nobody has noticed that Glutter was also removed.

January 28, 2004 @ 7:09 pm | Comment

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