Japanese Sex Trade is No. 1 in Asia

You mean Japan’s sex business is hotter than Singapore’s? From today’s Straits Times:

Despite a spluttering economy, Japan still has Asia’s largest and most voracious sex market, one that has lured as many as 150,000 foreign women, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

Japan’s sex industry likes foreign workers for the same reason other industries do – they are cheaper and willing to take on jobs others don’t want, says Mr Takashi Kadokura, an economist with Dai Ichi Life Research Institute.

Mr Kadokura recently set the size of Japan’s ‘entertainment trade’ in 2001 at a staggering 2.37 trillion yen (S$37.7 billion).

Filipinos, Thais and increasingly Chinese and South American women can be found doing everything from pouring drinks in karaoke and hostess bars to offering cut-price sex massages

Most of these women come to Japan using a special “entertainment visa,” and an amazing 19 out of 20 foreign women interviewed by the UN in Japan say they were ‘forced to engage in sexual practices in their job’.

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