Democratic Demons

Orcinus has a great post about the Republican’s strategy of demonizing Democrats as weak-kneed and even treasonous in regard to Iraq. This is to be a major theme in coming elections and is already manifesting itself (he gives plenty of examples). Such reckless talk subtly encourages violence against the evil liberals:

This is not mere hyperbole; it is an exercise in eliminationism. As Buzzflash recently observed, talk like this is part of an increasing trend in conservative rhetoric: Pat Robertson wishing to “nuke” the State Department, Bill O’Reilly saying Peter Arnett should be shot, Coulter wishing Tim McVeigh had set off his bomb at the New York Times Building, John Derbyshire wishing for Chelsea Clinton’s demise. Unsurprisingly, the same kind of talk is now heard on the “street” level, and it often pops up on talk radio. As we learned in Oklahoma City, eventually this kind of “hot talk” translates into all-too-real tragedy.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that conservatives are less and less inclined to rely on “intellectual” or political exchanges, and are turning more to an eliminationist strategy that seeks to demonize liberals and make them social outcasts — and concomitantly, acceptable targets for violence because of the “damage” they cause the nation through their ostensible treason.

As usual, Dave’s post is scrupulously researched. His conclusion — that the Republicans are actively attempting to create what is in effect a one-party system — is scary as hell.

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