I recently posted an ad that North Korea ran in a local newspaper in which the country refers to itself as a “utopia.”

That may be. But that description doesn’t mesh with this wrenching, agonized article about life in the real North Korea, and what happens to those who in desperation try to flee. Horrifying. And definitely a reminder of how we should be more thankful for the things we take for granted. (Like food.)

NK is definitely a charter member of the Axis of Evil, perhaps even a candidate for Honorary Lifetime Membership.

(Link via Adam)

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Just goes to show that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

October 8, 2003 @ 7:22 pm | Comment

I hadn’t seen your “utopia” post. Jesus, that is surreal.

October 9, 2003 @ 4:55 am | Comment

It’s a real classic, and I just stumbled on it by accident. Utterly unbelievable.

October 9, 2003 @ 7:35 am | Comment

Well perhaps what was portrayed in the ad actually was a utopia, as that word originally meant ‘nowhere’ in greek.

Which does acurately describe the location of the supposed paradise pictured in the ad!!

The communist talent for unwitting self-parody goes forward apace.

One of my favorite posters is a Soviet era Russian/English propaganda piece. It has the requisite strong, proud worker with a hammer. The caption is “Celebrating the People’s Victory Over Culture”.

October 9, 2003 @ 9:31 am | Comment

David, that’s priceless.

October 9, 2003 @ 10:11 am | Comment

Korea Briefing: 2003-10-14

OCT 14/03 TOPICS INCL: Must-read article; Asian values; Total Recall in SK too?; Wider regional role for USFK; NK Developments; Nukes updates; What to do about NK?; Lifestyles of the Rich and Stalinist; ROK forces to Iraq?; Food aid to NK; NK’s economy…

October 13, 2003 @ 6:33 pm | Comment

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