More marches in Hong Kong to come?

One country, two systems? Like hell it is.

Straits Times today warns that China plans to “mobilise its supporters to prevent those in the pro-democracy camp from gaining control of the legislative council” in the next elections. I’m shocked.

Sources say Beijing will not let democrats and others in the opposition camp dominate the 60-seat legislature as they can then pass laws inimical to its interests, including those enabling universal suffrage and direct election of the Chief Executive.

If that should come to pass, China will have no choice but to veto such legislation, exercising powers granted by Hong Kong’s mini-constitution.

That, in turn, is sure to set off an outcry not only among Hong Kong people but also people worldwide, outraged by the perceived denial of the expressed popular will.

The article outlines the headaches China faces, as the next elections will be the first in HK since the half-million-man march and voter turnout is certain to be high and impassioned.

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