No outrage over L. Jean Lewis appointment?

After reading through a number of pieces on L. Jean Lewis’ appointment to chief of staff of the Defense Department’s inspector general office I am in awe yet again at the Bush administration’s sheer audacity and sliminess.

Lewis is a known liar, fraudster and schemer. She helped orchestrate the noise about Whitewater, then perjured herself over an illegal tape recording. Ken Starr then protected her and hushed it all up.

Her appointment was made in silence. Her salary will be $118,000. She has no qualifications. Her appointment to an office overseeing fraud is such an irony it defies belief.

Orcinus chronicles her entire ugly history with his usual thoroughness. After detailing her crimes he observes:

Lewis remained under wraps until now. Clearly, there is abundant evidence that Lewis committed all these crimes. Instead, she has faced no consequences.

The really germane question is this: How exactly did L. Jean Lewis rise suddenly from the ranks of minor RTC investigator to the overseer of a massive Defense Department bureau? What exactly were her qualifications? The ones she put on display for the RTC: Namely, ginning up scandals against Democrats, and covering up scandals against Republicans.

If a firestorm of protest doesn’t arise from this I’m going to lose all hope.

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L. Jean who?

Ben and J-Lo split up!!

September 15, 2003 @ 2:47 pm | Comment

L. Jean is one agressive lesbian machine.

September 16, 2003 @ 9:07 pm | Comment

Corrupt Is As Corrupt Does

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April 25, 2005 @ 5:49 pm | Comment

Jean, give me a call you have the number Randy

June 28, 2005 @ 7:58 pm | Comment

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