It’s Official: N. Korea Standoff on Nukes Is All America’s Fault

My immediate inclination is to reject the Chinese argument and even to laugh. But then, not having been there, maybe I don’t have the whole picture:

China said on Monday that United States policy on North Korea is the biggest obstacle to resolving the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula, but expressed confidence the North wanted to work for a peaceful solution.

Asked by reporters what he thought was the main obstacle to progress, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Wang Yi, said: “The American policy towards DPRK — this is the main problem we are facing.”

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, had said its expectations at last week’s talks also involving China, Japan, Russia and South Korea had been “betrayed” by “hostile” US policy.

North Korea also described the discussions as “pointless” and threw into doubt its participation at the next round of talks.

Maybe I’ve totally misread things, but it struck me from the start that North Korea was being its usual psychotic self, trying to terrify the world into doing things on its terms. Then again, Team Bush is running things now, so maybe we really are being hostile and undiplomatic.

For an intelligent look at the situation from several viewpoints, check out the Straits Times’ analysis today, which contends that China is actually the player with the most to lose at the moment.

The country now facing a really serious dilemma is China.

In the weeks to come, Beijing will have to decide whether to intensify the pressure on Pyongyang – perhaps by threatening yet again economic sanctions as it has briefly done a few months ago – or remain silent and see the entire diplomatic process disintegrate.

It is a choice which Beijing never wanted to face.

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I read Wang’s statement this afternoon – I really hope he was joking. Sometimes, I wonder which capital sends out more conflicting signals – Beijing or Pyongyang.

September 1, 2003 @ 6:01 pm | Comment

Entertainment for the masses

As a fan of Cold War kitch, I have to confess – shit like this still gives me a boner: Coincidentally, that comes from this Yahoo! report, in which you can find: Keeping up its bellicose rhetoric, North Korea’s Embassy

September 1, 2003 @ 6:26 pm | Comment

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