Is Derbyshire parodying himself?

How else to explain his hate-filled blast at the Anglican church over the gay bishop controversy? Just a little taste:

This is a dreadful event, a triumph for the forces of death over the forces of life. Robinson cheerfully acknowledges that he is an active homosexual. The Bible is perfectly clear that homosexual acts are sinful. Our Lord gave sinners strict and clear instructions: stop sinning, and repent your past sins. Robinson is in brazen violation of fundamental Christian doctrine.

It gets worse. He’s got to be doing a self-parody — doesn’t he?

The Discussion: One Comment

Hello – You can’t do much – think it if they allowed it – others will definitely oppose it. You have to be realistic. If they allow it, others will start worrying and lobbying for it as wrong.

I am not religious – dragging me to church to hear stuff is like dragging a dirty dog to the bathtub..

August 7, 2003 @ 12:00 pm | Comment

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