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While I think this relatively new blog may be a bit overzealous at times, it’s definitely a very interesting read. Most of his points are well taken and the book reviews are great.

My main problem with it: the writer points out all the sins and hypocrisies of the Bush Kingdom, and concludes that they are so serious and ugly they will end up rising to destroy Bush in the future.

I think this is wrong. From what I am reading, no matter how much we whine about Bush, the fact remains that in Middle America and among the far right he has taken on the aura of a true demi-god (see the previous post for proof). For some inexplicable reason, the more rational the arguments against him, the more they fall on deaf ears. The more articles that pour forth on Niger uranium and outing CIA agents and limiting citizens’ rights, the louder these groups laugh at us and ignore the evidence. Since I am so far away, I can’t say what effect this phenomenon is having in America, but I see it certainly as a potentially dangerous recipe.

For now, I see Bush as virtually unbeatable. There would need to be a true catastrophe that affects the average voter to reverse this. Maybe Iraq will ultimately provide this, but I don’t think so. Right now, the right has near total command of the media, from the blogs to the newspapers to TV. No, I am not saying the media are necessarily conservative. I am saying that the Republicans have figured out how to use them to transmit and reinfore their messages — even many of the “liberal” media. When it comes to blogs, it’s the libertarian/conservative bloggers whose voices dominate. These super-bloggers are tending to minimize if not totally ignore recent evidence of Republican foul play; often they just laugh at it and say, “Who cares? Look at how successful we’ve been in Iraq!” And I worry that this is an extremely powerful message. A little bloodshed or unfairness are acceptable; these crimes are merely ancillary — we are at war and we’ve got to be “tough.” The complainers are weak-kneed, whiny Democrats — imagine if they had been in office when 911 occurred!

I didn’t mean to veer off like that; the way the Republicans have mastered the art of communication is a whole other post, soon to follow.

Back to topic: check out Northwest Citizen. His review of Halberstam’s The Best and the Brightest really got me thinking.

[Thanks to David for leading me to this blog.]


Richard Burger is the author of Behind the Red Door: Sex in China, an exploration of China's sexual revolution and its clash with traditional Chinese values.

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Man, nothing i hate more about blogs is not being able to comment on them.

The entry on Bush’s Free-fall only touched upon the opinion polls around him, which I found disappointing. There is far more to a politician than polls that are taken before they even begin the campaign season in earnest.

Especially when you look at the competition. I agree with (by the way, a “new blog” recommendation), Dean will never be able to swoop towards the middle successfully.

July 29, 2003 @ 2:24 pm | Comment

Sounds like you’re as pessemistic about the next election as I am. Bush in a free fall? I don’t think so….

July 29, 2003 @ 2:33 pm | Comment

There was an article a couple years ago called “Can There Be a Decent Left?” by Michael Walzer. I think it addresses some of your thoughts.

However, for the minority opinion, I counter your statement: “For some inexplicable reason, the more rational the arguments against him, the more they fall on deaf ears” with isn’t this what the Replubicans and radical right did during the Clinton administration? They feel their arguments were just as rational, and the liberals were just as glazed over with hero worship of the Clinton god.

July 29, 2003 @ 7:17 pm | Comment

Petes, you may have a point. But it was only under Bush that we have witnessed a coordinated, nationwide communication machine elevated to a truly fine art. I actualy believe that it was under Clinton that this phenomenon started, and under Bush it was perfected. It was the unified effort to destroy Clinton that got them all to sing from the same songbook with almost no one going off-key. They did well enough to get the man impeached for a blow job and now they are doing well enough to keep Bush protected from even an inquiry into actions that may also be illegal and are certainly far more harmful to the country. Their use of memes and concise messages that everyone can grasp has been brilliant. I am truly in awe of Karl Rove and how he has transformed politics in America. Ingenious, and utterly terrrifying.

July 30, 2003 @ 12:33 am | Comment

Even if Dean can’t move towards the center, here’s to hoping.

July 30, 2003 @ 6:58 am | Comment

I disagree about the need for Dean to move to the center. The centrist DLC has renewed its attacks on him. The problem with DLCers is that they are inextricably associated with the most hated man in America: Bill Clinton.

The DLC could find itself hoist on its own petard if Dean decides to position himself as both anti-Bush and anti-Clinton. Indeed, there are already some “Republicans for Dean” groups popping up.

July 30, 2003 @ 12:00 pm | Comment

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