Cakegate continued

If you’re interested in this topic, you’re most likely familiar with Josh Marshall. In any case, be sure to read his brilliant analysis of the utterly absurd scenario that has climaxed with the CIA director’s self-immolation.

I notice the term “Yellowcakegate” has been used over here. (This is another invaluable site for balanced, intelligent, sane liberal logic and analysis, Atrios is a lot of fun and I read him daily, but he is more infotainment, while Kleiman is a true intellectual.) So I probably won’t win any prizes.

I still don’t think it’ll be a big enough story in terms of rocking American politics. Yes, it is big news — but most Americans simply won’t care, as it was one of many reasons Bush gave for the invasion, and no matter how deceptive and unethical it was, they can ultimately dismiss it as bad judgment or a mistake, and then apologize for it. It’s been done before.

[For a far more scathing but not unintelligent analysis, check out the latest posts at this site, which is actually better than its unfortunate name.]

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