Bush’s Military Record

Whatever you do today, don’t miss Orcinus’ calm but scathing post on our president’s military record. There are two scandals here: 1.) Bush’s military record itself and his efforts (successful so far) in hushing it up, and 2.) the media’s failure to investigate it.

When I think of the way the media would bite like sharks at any Clinton scandal, real or perceived, and the way they ignore this administration’s, I can only marvel at Bush’s ability to wrap himself in teflon.

I don’t have time to go through all my favorite blogs and news sites, but I always have time for Orcinus. After reading his posts from the past few days, all I can say is, Thank You.

UPDATE: Especially enjoyable are his concise but hilarious observations on perennial liar Ann Coulter, who attempts to address the topic above, showing us all just how stupid she really is (not that I ever had any doubts).

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