At the Web site up

At the Web site up ahead, you’ve just crossed into…The Twilight Zone

For those of you with a taste for the macabre, a fascination with the other-worldly, a morbid curiosity regarding “life” in the world’s last die-hard bastion of Stalinism, you simply must visit the official Web site of the world’s most peculiar country.

This site caters especially to those with an affinity for the novels of Huysmans — those who marvel at things that appear to be not-of-this-earth, unreal and bizarre, weirdly “off.” Wading through its pages is an exercise in pure creepiness. It seems that the nation’s official Web site was designed by a zit-faced freshman at a community college trying to master Frontpage, with decidedly mixed results. Similarly, the “text” must have been written by a Pyongyang lad who flunked out of his English As a Second Language course. This is a true experience. Here’s a little taste of what lies inside:

I wonder who does Dear Leader’s pompadour. Anyway, that’s just for starters. Check it out.

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